Emily Holding - Chiros Health Clinic - Chiropractic, sports-massage, nutrition and more
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Emily Holding

Qualifications: Specialist MSK Physiotherapist BSC, MCSP, HCPC

Emily provides a comprehensive selection of evidence-based services for injuries, pregnancy, motherhood and more.

Emily achieved her BSc in Physiotherapy in 2014 whilst also completing an internship at a semi-professional rugby league team. She worked within sport alongside her NHS work in busy outpatients clinics for many years before moving into a full time sports position. Emily progressed to working with national and international level athletes within football, boxing, athletics, skiing and shooting, including commonwealth games and Olympic medalists. She has further qualifications including a Masters in Sports Medicine (currently in her final year), acupuncture, Pilates teaching and sports massage. She moved back to the NHS when starting her family and has worked with a variety of issues such as arthritis, chronic pain, new injuries and post surgery including spinal surgeries and chronic back pain.

Working with pregnant and post natal women is a particular interest and  she is passionate about empowering women to be prepared for their journey through pregnancy to motherhood and beyond. She gained extra qualifications in the pregnant and post natal body, became a hypnobirthing instructor and is one of the few clinicians in the country to offer treatment for breast feeding related breast health problems.

 To book appointments with Emily visit her website on www.emilythephysio.co.uk