Who should I see, or what sort of treatment should I receive? - Chiros Health Clinic - Chiropractic, sports-massage, nutrition and more
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FAQs: Who should I see, or what sort of treatment should I receive?

This is a very difficult question to answer, but as a general rule if you have pulled a muscle then physiotherapy, massage, sports therapy or acupuncture would be appropriate.

If you had one sided neck, mid back, low back pain, migraines, pins and needles or tingling sensations in the arms, buttocks or legs then chiropractic could be appropriate. In some cases a particular injury could be treated by either of the above therapies.

If there is any doubt as who you should see then Nick Richmond (our Head of Practice) is available for a free, brief check-up to determine the nature of the problem and refer you to the most appropriate therapist.