Which treatment should I see for headaches / neck aches? - Chiros Health Clinic - We provide chiropractic, sports therapy, podiatry and nutritional advice.
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FAQs: Which treatment should I see for headaches / neck aches?

We are frequently asked whether Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic would be the best practitioner for a specific condition.

Chiros Health Clinic is very fortunate to have practitioners qualified in all three disciplines. We have discussed the issue and have agreed a general format to help people make the right decision.

  • If you have neck ache on both sides of the neck (with or without headaches), and if it is a dull, continuous ache with no sharp pain on neck rotation, then it is likely to be a muscular condition and you should see Eric Burns the Chiros Health clinic’s sports therapist.
  • If you have one-sided neck pain (with or without pins & needles in your arm/hands), and the pain becomes sharper on rotating your neck to the opposite side to the pain, then this also is likely to be muscular and you should see Nick Richmond or Eric Burns.
  • If you have one-sided neck pain(with or without headaches) which becomes sharper on neck rotation, or you have a reduced range of movement to the side of pain, particularly if you have pins needles in fingers and hands on either side – then this is likely to be skeletal e.g. the joints in the neck, and you should see Nick Richmond, our chiropractor.