Alexander Technique & Yoga Therapy

The Alexander Technique helps to identify and prevent harmful postural habits that aggravate, or may be the cause of, stress, pain and under-performance (e.g. in sports or the arts, or in simple day-to-day activities). You will learn to re-establish the natural relationship between the head, the neck and the back – the ‘core’ of the body that supports the strength of the limbs and which provides the structural environment for breathing and for the internal organs.
The aim is to learn how to release unnecessary tension, and re-discover balance of mind and body. With increased body awareness you may:

  • be poised without stiffness
  • move gracefully and powerfully with less effort
  • be alert and focused with less strain
  • breathe and speak more easily and freely
  • be calm and confident in all your activities

The number of lessons required depends on the pupils’ abilities to break long-standing habits and learn the skillful ‘use of the self’. A foundation course of 12 lessons is usually recommended, but a few lessons can already be helpful.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the therapeutic use of yoga for health and overall well-being. It combines many disciplines including: anatomy, physiology, nutrition, physchology relaxation therapy, breath therapy, ayurveda, shiatsu, cellular dynamics, and of course the practice of yoga postures and the practical application of yogic principles.

Yoga therapy promotes natural healing, and can help alleviate many different ailments. Diet, enviroment, lifestyle, exercise, breathing techniquesand mental techniques are potent modifiers of the qualities and functions of both the mind and body to restore and maintain harmony, clarity and balance.

Yoga therapy is a practical and convenient way to transform your posture, body mechanics, physical and emotional well-being, your thinking, how to relate to yourself, to others and the universe, and how to cope with stress.

Melinda Beaufoy

BSc(Hon); MBTPA; LC Lic BSYA (CI); BSYA (Ad Col); ACHO Reg; CNHC Registered

Melinda is a complementary therapist and Yoga teacher. Her extensive studies at various institutions gained her numerous high standard qualifications. She is a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.

Melinda provides a safe, relaxed, positive and trusting environment for clients who seek the many benefits complementary therapies and Yoga have to offer, and hopes that her commitment will bring them relief and joy, and help them move forward in a way that is most appropriate for them.